Fantastic Caverns / cave formations

Cave Coral - Cave corals are a form of pore deposit that develops as water seeps from cave walls, depositing layers of calcite crystal.
Drapery - A Drapery formation inside Fantastic Caverns. It is among the most beautiful of our cave formations. A thin translucent formation made from calcite-rich solutions flowing along the underside of a sloping ceiling.
Hall of Giants - After seeing the massive columns in this chamber of the cave, the twelve women who explored Fantastic Caverns in 1867 named the room The Hall of Giants.
Spiral Column - Any formation that spans the distance between the floor and ceiling is called a column. This spiral column in our Hall of Giants seems to defy gravity as it bridges the gap between the cave floor and the ceiling swirling in perfect formation.
Columns, Stalactites, Stalagmites and Flowstones - Formations that go from the cave ceiling to the cave floor are columns. Stalactites hold tight to the ceiling, and Stalagmites might grow to the ceiling from the floor. A Flowstone is formed from calcite-rich water flowing in a sheet and usually resembles a frozen waterfall.

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