Saturated grounds provide unique opportunities for visitors

Saturated grounds provide unique opportunities for visitors

Fantastic Caverns offers free walk-through of the Hall of Giants for free after extensive flooding causes their Jeep-drawn trams to shut down temporarily.

Individuals deciding to visit Fantastic Caverns will get the rare chance to walk through the Hall of Giants. A favorite among guests, the Hall of Giants is full of large and beautiful formations and is the first room early explorers would have stumbled upon after venturing through the small opening in the hillside. The grandi­ose chamber is only a small part of the mile-long tour route. This limited-time offer is available until the water levels within Fantastic Caverns recede.

This is a great time to see how water interacts with the built and natural environments, both above and below the surface. With the amount of rain that fell over the past few days, Indian Spring, the wet weather spring that empties out the lower levels of the cave, has drastically increased output. The water racing out of the spring collides with the fast flowing Little Sac River and it all can be seen by following the Canyon Trail on the grounds of Fantastic Caverns.

The large amounts of rainfall may have briefly suspended the all-riding cave tours, but guests still have plenty to learn and see. "This is a rare opportunity for everybody to see how the surface and subsurface are related. Much of the water currently in the cave originated near the sinkholes around the Springfield-Branson National Airport. As a community, we have to be careful what we do, as contaminates could easily find their way into our groundwater. As sensitive areas are developed, runoff increases and that results in additional flooding," said Doug Campbell, General Manager at Fantastic Caverns.

Visit Fantastic Caverns at 4872 North Farm Road 125 just northwest of Springfield, Missouri and see hydrology in action.

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