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Crayfish inside Fantastic Caverns - The Bristly Cave Crayfish has bristles on its pincers to enhance its sense of touch. They typically have long, narrow pincers and very long antennae. It is one of three species of cave crayfish that exists in Missouri and is found in the Springfield Plateau portion of the Ozarks.
Cave Cricket - Our Missouri cave crickets do not chirp, plus adults do not have wings, unlike other cricket species found. With its "humpbacked" appearance, long legs and lengthy antennae, the Cave Cricket is also known as the Camel Cricket, Humpback Cricket or Spider Cricket.
Cave Salamander - Cave Salamanders are troglophiles, meaning they love the dark, but are able to survive outside of cave systems. They are usually bright orange with dark brown or black spots and are confined to the Ozark Plateau.

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