Missouri Schools tour Fantastic Caverns after winning contest

Missouri Schools tour Fantastic Caverns after winning contest

Two Missouri schools have won Fantastic Caverns' Free Field Trip Contest which will give the classes their option between a 1-hour tour or an Adventure Tour at the cave.

Two southwest Missouri schools won complimentary cave tours for their winning submissions in Fantastic
Caverns' Free Field Trip Contest. The contest, part of Fantastic Caverns' Cave Science Program, asked students to present how they are learning about living in a karst region for an opportunity to win a free one-hour field trip or an Adventure Tour at the cave.

College Heights Christian school in Joplin, Missouri, took home two wins. Teacher Natalie Hughes' sixth grade, fifth-hour science class created a board game, Cave Frenzy; and her sixth grade, second-hour class did an exceptional job exploring the challenges of marketing a show-cave.

The final selection in this three-way tie came from Mary Long's second grade class of Dadeville Elementary School in Dadeville, Missouri, for showcasing their enjoyment of cave sing-a-longs.

"We greatly appreciated all the responses to the contest and are thrilled that students are learning about caves," said the cave's General Manager Doug Campbell.
Visit cavescience.org for cave information and materials.

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